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AWARDS ARE POSTED! Theme Blends Challenge 7 ~City Nights

Sorry for the delay, but the awards have finally been posted!

First Place Tie ~ whatwas & oddobsession


Second Place Tie ~ leathermenace & imperfectgift


H2>Honorable Mention ~ rainyendings</h2>

Don't forget to enter the New Challenge! I am extending it! NO ENTRIES SO FAR!!
Blend Challenge 8 ~ Then and Now

Start Date: Sunday, June 5
End Date: Saturday, June 25 at MIDNITE
Voting Starts: Sunday, June 26
Voting Ends: Wednesday, June 29
Awards Given: Thursday June 30

Let's get all our members going! The very best of THEN and NOW! What do YOU see in the past and present? How has it changed? What does it mean to you?

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